Specialising in the technical art of cutaway illustrations (also known as ghosted drawings) for the aviation and publishing industry, Flightline Arts provide exceptionally high quality technical illustrations.

The cutaways and ghosted drawings are produced by hand, in pen, by our technical illustrator Tim Hall. Using his many years of engineering and illustration experience, this drawing method allows Tim to produce highly detailed colour drawings, which are finished as electronic images.

These technical illustrations can be used for sales, marketing, engineering or training and are an excellent way to show your product in an easy to understand and attractive form. The finished size of these drawings allows them to be used as large backdrops on exhibition stands.

Flightline Arts offers a complete service from the drawing to finished print and can work on your project anywhere in the world.

Contact Flightline Arts for more information on how we can produce these beautifully detailed, highly accurate technical illustrations for your project.

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