Tim Hall - Lead Technical Illustrator

Tim was born 1947 in Dumfries, Scotland, and after moving regularly with father who was in the regular army, finished education at Gosport High School, Hampshire.

Ever since he was a boy Tim has enjoyed drawing, particularly aviation and maritime subjects.

At age 15 Tim joined the Army as Junior Apprentice and went on to serve with the 10th Royal Hussars, a cavalry unit deploying Saladin and Ferret armoured cars and Sioux helicopters in the armoured reconnaissance role. During his time in the Army, Tim served in Aden, Persian Gulf and West Germany.

After serving 5 years, Tim left the Army in January 1969, when there were dramatic cuts in the Army and his unit was amalgamated with the 11th Hussars

Tim’s love of mechanics led him to work in the engine repair shop at Royal Naval Aircraft Yard Fleetlands, Gosport until going to Portsmouth College of Art and Design to study Technical Illustration in the autumn of 1969.

After leaving Portsmouth College of Art and Design in 1972 Tim worked for the next five years in a technical publications agency in Hampshire.

Due to his excellence as an artist for technical illustrations to the aviation industry, Tim was recruited into IPC Business Press in 1977 as a Technical Artist, and worked with Frank Munger and John Marsden on Flight International and Aeroplane Monthly during initial years with the company.

Tim produced his exceptional technical art for Flight International for nearly 25 years and finally retired in 2001 as Chief Technical Artist.

As the Lead Technical Illustrator for Flightline Arts, Tim has travelled extensively and completed over 200 aircraft and engine cutaways, and also several other technical subjects including railway locomotives and nuclear power stations.

See some of Tim’s technical illustrations on the portfolio page and the company he keeps on our client list.

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